a recurring thing that i’ve noticed a lot of people do when talking about something they’re really passionate about/something they like a lot is frequently stop to say things like “sorry this is probably silly but” “i’m such a nerd sorry” “it’s just a guilty pleasure sorry”

like whether or not they’re talking a good amount or just mentioning it in passing they feel the need to beat deprecating to themselves and apologize

even if the way they say it sounds like they’re joking or not serious there’s still a part of them that believes that being really interested in something and talking about it is wrong and they need to feel sorry because they think the other person will think they’re weird and wasting their time

and that’s not true at all you like those things and you talk about those things as much as you want there is nothing wrong with being interested in something and passionate about it i don’t care whether it’s a tv show or a hobby or your pet iguana anything anything at all no matter what it is it’s important to you and therefore not a waste of time at all

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Shoutout to dmab nonbinary people for sticking through it even when they have less resources and visibility in general. You matter, even if sometimes it seems like you don’t; you aren’t alone, even if sometimes it seems like you are.

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you can’t possibly be allistic. the five-year-old i babysit is allistic and you’re NOTHING like them.

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“Polite reminder for straight people who say “who cares” when someone comes out: such gestures are addressed to lonely queer kids. not you.” Tweet by Danny Bowes (@moviesbybowes).

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Here’s an idea I had that I’m not completely sure about.
House Cohesion measures how much the members of the House stick together on a House level.
Solidity of friend groups measures if the members of the House hang out in set groups or if they mix and match more.

Here’s an idea I had that I’m not completely sure about.

House Cohesion measures how much the members of the House stick together on a House level.

Solidity of friend groups measures if the members of the House hang out in set groups or if they mix and match more.



it really bothers me when someone tags their personal posts as ‘shut up [insert name here]’

like no friend

don’t shut up

you are loved and i enjoy hearing about you friend

don’t feel like you have to shut up

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'cis' and implicit outing


A sex worker friend complains of discussions about sex work where every participant prefaces their anti-abolitionist stance with “I’m not a sex worker but”.  She is left with the options of saying silent, lying, or outing herself.

That’s how felt last Friday, when I saw another friend recommending that everyone who is cis take advantage of Facebook’s new gender options, to say “cis female” or “cis male”, to remove the assumption that “cis” is the default.  This was a fairly clued-up friend, but I don’t think she’d thought the implications of this.

I used to be stealth, kind of.  I was never very good at it (both in the passing department and in the not telling anyone section).  Now, I have it in my fucking twitter bio, and my god it reduces the anxiety about wondering who knows.  I can do that because of other privilege I have - I am white, middle class, with high earning potential, and live in a city where I have a support network.

But just because I’ve been fortunate enough to make a decision doesn’t mean anyone else should be forced to make the same one.  There are lots of people who aren’t out, for various reasons.  That’s entirely up to them, and we need provide a context where they do not have that silence/lying/outing trilemma.

Imagine you’re trans and stealth and loads of your friends on Facebook have changed their gender to “cis male”/”cis female”.  What do you do?  You can’t put it to “trans” without outing yourself, something that may well affect your personal safety, employment status, etc, regardless of whether some set of your Facebook friends are going to be cool with it.  You could change it to say “cis”, I suppose, but you might well think that is a crossing the line into a lie. (Stealth is not lying.  Stealth is keeping quiet and sometimes fudging things.)  So, stay silent?  The thing is, at some point, if “cis” catches on as an identity, an unadorned “female” or “male” will become suspicious.

And then what if you are trans and pre-transition, either because you haven’t quite figured out what you are yet, or because you are not in a position to be able to.  You would have to call yourself “cis” even though you don’t feel it’s quite right, or know it’s not true.

As an abstract concept “cis” is absolutely needed, but as an identity it has problems.  When it’s relevant go ahead and acknowledge it, but don’t go flaunting it just as a default.  And perhaps - sometimes - in solidarity - it would be better to refuse to confirm or deny.

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The key to not misgendering strangers is to stop gendering strangers.

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“it’s a story about a trust-fund jock who cheats off of his smart friend, is basically just good at sports, and who grows up to become a cop who peaked in high school. Aimed at nerds.” an io9 comment on Harry Potter (via frantzfandom)

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It’s not that these theories about oppression are valid because they’re studied in higher education, they’re studied and recognized in higher education BECAUSE THEY ARE VALID… Everyone who knew about or accessed this information outside of tumblr (academically or duh because of experience) already knows these things

That’s what you 14 year old anti-sj bloggers that think these are new tumblr concepts don’t understand. These are ideas recognized in the real world outside of institutionalized education for decades before you were born, which brought them there, and the people who studied them or had the experiences and wanted to share them brought them to tumblr…. This is not “tumblr theory”….. Tumblr didn’t invent these experiences or these ideas or this language. This is the application of theory based on gathered experience and critical thought……

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