• Jorah Mormont: God creates dragons. God destroys dragons. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dragons.
  • Daenerys Targaryen: Dragons eat man. Woman inherits the earth.

The history of the term “heterosexual”

There are many people who don’t like term “cisgender”, but don’t have a problem with the term “heterosexual”. So I want to tell you about the term “heterosexual”.

Source: page 66 in the Swedish book “Hetero” (Tiden, 2006) by Sandra Dahlén.

In 1968 a person called Karl Maria Kertbeny coined the term “heterosexual”. He coined the term “homosexual” at the same time. But the term that is most interesting in this discussion is “normalsexual”. Similar to how many people argue that we should just call cis people “normal”, no?

So what’s the difference between “heterosexual” and “normalsexual”, then? Kertbeny used both words for people who had sex with people of “the other sex” (I won’t get into a critique of that term here). Normalsexuals only had sex that could get someone pregnant, but heterosexuals also had other kinds of sex.

This is an interesting case of the values of the time colouring the way even those who don’t share those values speak. Kertbeny was in fact a champion for the right to have any kind of consensual sex with whoever you want to have it with. But those he called “normalsexuals” were still those who had the kind of sex that people considered “good” at the time. (A value neutral term could have been “reproduction-sexual” or something.)

Scientists were quick to use the new term “heterosexualism”. For them it was a “sick perversion”. A lot of people wrote a lot about “heterosexuality” (plain old fascination with the “abnormal”, I guess). With time all heterosexual behaviour became normalised. My guess is that the word was so common by then that people just kept using it instead of widening the definition of “normalsexual”.

Let’s make a thought experiment. Imagine that the “everyday” sexuality terms had been coined later instead. With no good/bad distinction of the sex “a man and a woman” can have, you bet it’d be called something like “normalsexual”.

It’s an accident of history that homosexuality isn’t the “marked other” to an “unmarked normal”.








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"they don’t write about the ones that got away"

Renee Schminkey: My school was fairly progressive; they even taught contraception in our sex-ed class
Neil Hilborn : When I was 14, my dad handed me a box of condoms, and said, “You know how to use these, right?”
Renee Schminkey : We were taught which preventative methods were the most effective
Neil Hilborn : I’m from Texas, so dads with shotguns
Renee Schminkey : And where to go if something broke
Both : What to take, how to fix
Renee Schminkey : This mess you’ve gotten yourself into. We were taught about herpes, and gonorrhea, and syphilis
Both : And how to keep all your fluids to yourself
Neil Hilborn : My friends taught me which clinics wouldn’t tell my parents
Renee Schminkey : Which ones handed out free condoms
Both : But I was never taught that there are worse things that could happen than a baby or a disease
Renee Schminkey : Yeah, we learned about roofies
Neil Hilborn : We learned to respect when a woman says ‘No.’
Renee Schminkey : We learned about protecting your drink, carrying pepper-spray
Neil Hilborn : We learned what to do when a woman is assaulted
Both : But not that this could happen to me
Renee Schminkey : I was a virgin when I was raped for the first time
Neil Hilborn : When it happened to me, it was 10 AM and my parents were home
Both : My textbook hadn’t described the way I wouldn’t even try to fight. There was no paragraph for how to stop him-her without making a scene
Renee Schminkey : There wasn’t a worksheet for how to stop him without waking my sleeping parents
Neil Hilborn : There was no correct answer to her threats of suicide when I wasn’t in the mood
Renee Schminkey : There was no manual for the polite victim
Both : You know, it wasn’t like they said it’d be
Renee Schminkey : I was sober, he was sober
Both : We were
Renee Schminkey : 17 
Neil Hilborn : 15 
Renee Schminkey : They didn’t teach me that I wouldn’t know how to protect myself
Both : That my lungs would close up, and we would make pretend husband and wife, Make pretend love
Neil Hilborn : The thing about pretend
Both : Is that it flattens everything to one color
Neil Hilborn : It makes it too simple
Renee Schminkey : It makes it one syllable
Both : And that syllable is always captioned as a ‘yes’
Neil Hilborn : They didn’t teach me that I could wanna be with someone, but not always want them
Renee Schminkey : That being curious about sex doesn’t mean that I was asking for it
Both : What I’d learned
Neil Hilborn : Was that I was supposed to want it
Renee Schminkey : I was supposed to feel stolen; I was supposed to feel like less of a human being
Neil Hilborn : I learned that if you don’t scream
Both : No one will listen to you
Neil Hilborn : They don’t write about the ones that got away
Renee Schminkey : I learned that foundation comes in 14 different shades
Both : No one wants to hear
Renee Schminkey : That your skin is changing colors
Neil Hilborn : They only ask how you’re doing
Both : To hear you say “fine”; I learned I was supposed to feel ‘fine’; we were lovers after all
Renee Schminkey : With a love like that
Both : You hardly have to ask, right?
Renee Schminkey : I don’t wanna blame my school
Neil Hilborn : I don’t wanna blame her
Renee Schminkey : I don’t wanna blame my church, or my mother, or even the boy
Neil Hilborn : We were just children
Renee Schminkey : But this is preventable
Both : So someone must be responsible for preventing it. We can teach this better.
Neil Hilborn : Some paintings are built from a thousand points of color
Renee Schminkey : If you stand too close, a sunset becomes just a series of red dots
Neil Hilborn : We teach that rape is always a man in an alley
Renee Schminkey : Always a clenched jaw, and a closed fist
Both : Always a stained white shirt
Renee Schminkey : But I never used my pepper-spray
Neil Hilborn : I never had to worry about an uncle, or a locker room
Both : Do not confuse one story for all stories
Renee Schminkey : Do not stare at a red dot and say
Both : The whole painting is just one color

Transcript by Darling, you’ll be okay cx





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petition to stop measuring the worth of human beings based on a racist, ableist, and inaccurate construction of “intelligence”

addendum to stop measuring the worth of human beings based on how productive they are under a capitalist society, and to stop viewing the mentally and/or physically disabled as “useless”

Fan Translation to Swedish of ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen

So instead of working on my thesis I spent the day making an alternative (and, in my own not very humble opinion, better) translation to the official Swedish translation of ‘Let It Go’ from the movie Frozen. Sadly my singing voice is utterly horrible, but I’ll try to get some friend of mine to record it at some point.

Släpp loss, släpp ut:

  • Snön lyser vit över fjällen i natt
  • Utan fotspår är den slät
  • I detta avskildhetens rike
  • Är jag ensamt majestät
  • Vinden viner runtomkring och inuti
  • Kan inte stilla den
  • Även om jag vill
  • Släpp ingen in,
  • Låt ingen se
  • ”Var en duktig flicka om man får be!”
  • Göm undan allt
  • Ingen får förstå
  • Nu vet de ändå
  • Släpp loss, släpp ut
  • Det går inte att hålla kvar
  • Släpp loss, släpp ut
  • Låt en stängd dörr bli mitt svar
  • Jag bryr mig ej
  • Vad ni säger om mig
  • Låt stormen yla!
  • Jag störs inte av lite kyla
  • Det är lustigt hur avstånd
  • Får saker att bli små
  • De rädslor som mig styrde
  • Kan mig inte längre nå
  • Låt mig se vad jag förmår
  • När jag bestämt mig att jag får
  • Allt “rätt” och “fel” är nu förbi
  • Jag är fri!
  • Släpp loss, släpp ut
  • Jag är ett med snö och vind
  • Släpp loss, släpp ut
  • Ingen tår syns på min kind
  • Här står jag
  • Här blir jag kvar
  • Låt stormen yla!
  • Min kraft pulserar genom luft och ner i mark
  • Min själ den virvlar runt i snöfraktaler överallt
  • Iskristaller skapas ur min fantasi
  • Jag vänder aldrig om, det förflutna är förbi
  • Släpp loss, släpp ut
  • I ljuset stiger jag på nytt
  • Släpp loss, släpp ut
  • Er fina flicka har flytt
  • Här står jag
  • I öppen dag
  • Låt stormen yla!
  • Jag störs inte av lite kyla